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POMcases - Case Studies in Production and Operations Management


Summer term 2022: POMcases (B.Sc.)

The B.Sc. seminar POMcases (taught in German language) considers selected issues of sustainable production management. Learn more about how companies can align their production with the supply of renewable energy and how networks for recycling lithium-ion batteries can be designed.

We will dive into mathematical programming and solve three common planning tasks from the automotive industry. In order to do so we will introduce the programming language Julia and work with the optimization package JuMP. Both will be studied with hands-on self-assessment tasks before the actual short quiz. No prior knowkledge just analytical and programming interest as well as interest in production management tasks are required. A separate registration is also not necessary.

Important: To take part in the respective course, the first event is mandatory, registration via Qispos/Pr├╝fungsamt for regular students and via for visiting students is required at the latest for the submission of the first short quiz (portfolio examination).


As a member of a team you will work on current problems from the practice of industrial production and operations management. You will develop solutions which you will implement and test with the help of state-of-the-art software tools. The procedure and results are finally documented, presented and discussed.

The group work is accompanied by lecture and practice units in which we teach you the basics of scientific work and how to use the software used. In-depth programming knowledge is not required. 

An important goal of the module is to prepare you for the final thesis. We will cover not only the content and structure of scientific work but also give you the tools to work on a quantitative optimization task of your own.

Others especially liked this:

    • high practical relevance and cooperation
    • very competent and motivated support
    • personal development and learning success
    • systematic introduction to scientific work


    Module: POMcases (B.Sc seminar)
    Module supervisor
    Prof. Dr. Thomas Volling
    ECTS / SWS
    6 / 3
    Winter term + summer term
    At the latest before the first short quiz (17.05.22) via Qispos/Pr├╝fungsamt for regular students and via for visiting students (portfolio exam)
    2 short quizzes (individual) + seminar presentation/paper (in groups)
    As per schedule on Tue 10-12 am
    Tbd + online session, video material + self-study
    Starting 19.04.2022

    You will find further information about the modules at  MTS/Moses (POMcases).

    Please enroll in the ISIS-Course for all further information (no password needed).

    For questions contact the mail.


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