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Student mobility in the virtual factory - EU supports INSYSTED project

"INSYSTED - Integrated System for European Digital Learning" is the title of the new ERASMUS+ project to promote virtual mobility in Industrial Engineering and Management. 400,000 euros were raised from the European Commission for this purpose. A consortium of partners from research and industry is working on a digital learning platform that will enable as many students as possible to benefit from the advantages of the Alliance4Tech network and to learn across borders.Within the project, POM coordinates the development of a virtual learning factory that supports various games for experience-based learning of production-economical contexts, methods and instruments.

Project HyMAS


In the HyMAS project, four partners from the Berlin economic area are bringing together their expertise in information technology, production management, data analytics and metal production to research a hybrid multi-agent system for self-controlling steel production (HyMAS). Core component of the envisioned solution are autonomous software agents that autonomously, collaboratively, and automatically create production plans, monitor their realization, and dynamically adjust them as needed. Simulation techniques and cognitive algorithms enable predictive and learning behavior. To meet the requirements for planning quality, responsiveness and transparency, the agents will be embedded in a modular, multi-layer architecture and connected to the rest of the cyber-physical production environment via an existing Industrie 4.0 software platform.

A special feature of the envisioned architecture is the support of hybrid planning modes. In addition to integrated optimiziation planning methods, decentralized negotiation-based ones are also used. The system is able to independently identify and set the most suitable configuration - as needed. Data analytics methods are used to provide the user interface. This is intended to enable human experts to analyze planning and control decisions of the highly automated production management system (PMS) and to influence them in a targeted manner.

HyMAS is funded by the Investitionsbank Berlin (IBB) as part of the "Pro FIT" program and co-financed by the European Regional Development Fund [ERDF].


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